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50 Top Tools for Employee Wellbeing

Debbie Mitchell

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Debbie MitchellEditorial: KoganPage
Páginas: 280
Fecha publicación: marzo 2018
Sinopsis: Stress and unhappiness are on the rise in line with continuing political and economic uncertainty. Improving employee wellbeing is essential for organizations to tackle this rise but is often seen as impossible in the face of diminishing budgets and the constant need to do more with less. 50 Top Tools for Employee Wellbeing is a practical toolkit that offers interventions that are not expensive or time consuming. Each tool can be used today to immediately begin to improve staff wellbeing, resulting in happier, more engaged and more productive employees.

This book is structured to include guidance on when to use each of the 50 tools, how to use them most efficiently and how to measure impact. The tools address all aspects of employee wellbeing, from career development and workplace culture to physical, mental and financial wellbeing. 50 Top Tools for Employee Wellbeing is a complete resource for improving your workforce’s wellbeing.

Giving advance praise for the book, Dr Fiona Brigg, Healthy Workplace Manager at Link4Life, said that, ‘using the latest evidence, this book captures all aspects of the ultimate workplace wellbeing programme, giving managers confidence in their ability to deliver successful programmes into business.’ Meanwhile, Karen Smith, Head of Wellbeing at University College London, said that, ‘these tools will help any organization navigate the process of creating a positive working environment no matter its size or sector.’

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