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febrero 2019

5 signs that show that you love your job

Alba Gimenez,
Marketing Assistant de Talent Search People

Alba GimenezAre you one of those people who wake up every day of the week wanting to go to work? Are you excited about your work? These questions may seem very easy to answer, but the reality is that finding a job that you are passionate about can be quite difficult.
In fact, many workers are waiting for the weekend to be able to relax at home or waiting for holidays to be able to disconnect. On top of that, many of them see Monday morning as an obligation to go to work without any excitement.
Despite that, there are many different types of workers. First, those who do not stand out at work and are not motivated for what they do. Then, those employees who stand out because they are good at their job, although it does not really fulfill them because they do not love that task. Finally, workers who fight for their dream, although the profit they get may not be enough.
The truth is that the opportunity to do what you really love is not easy to achieve. However but much of your life is based on the hours spent at work, therefore you need to try to be happy and enjoy it.
For that reason, we give you a few signs to discover if you are really doing the job that suits you best and the one that you loves:

1. You wake up with energy

Not only you wake up enthusiastically on the weekends to practice your favorite hobbies, but you also do it during the week to go to work. Normally you start the journey at the office with a positive attitude to face new challenges. If you find yourself in this situation, it means that you probably are doing things well, your work is passionate and you find happiness in works.

2. You usually do not watch the clock

When you do not like your job and you feel compelled to do the activities, the hours pass slowly and you see the end of your working day as something very far away. On the other hand, when you are busy and like your work, you hardly have time to look at the clock. The hours fly by and you are surprised to see that your workday has ended very quickly, feeling satisfied with the work done.

3. You enjoy the company of your colleagues at work

Having a good relationship with your colleagues is very important to reinforce your passion for work. You probably spend more time with them than with your family or friends. Therefore, if you have created a strong bond with your colleagues it will surely make your working day more productive and profitable. In addition, you feel comfortable helping them and receive the same treatment form them.

4. Recharge the batteries on the weekend

It is clear that weekends are the key to rest and do everything you like. However, if your moments of break also allows you to grow your creativity and you come up with new things to apply at your work, it means that you love it and it is an important part of your life.

5. Money is not everything

People who receive a good salary but constantly complain about their work, surely do not enjoy what they do. It is clear that money is important for your happiness and quality of life, but if you are one of those who focuses more on success and learning in your job means that you value your job. You measure success in satisfaction and not in money.

So now, what do you think? Are you one of those who love their work?
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